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Team Biographies

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Jenny Root, Owner

Jenny's adult life has been devoted to dog ownership, training, service work and now breeding. She loves partnering with Hannah (her protege 18 year old daughter who began working with her mom 10 years ago). Jenny finds great pleasure consulting families and children who appreciate both the joy and responsibility of loving care and ownership. Over the course of time, Jenny has owned more than a dozen breeds of dogs. She settled on breeding Golden Retrievers because of their cheerful, loyal and consistently loving personalities.

Dan Root, Underdog

Dan's responsibilities include finding permanent homes and placements for the dogs and families to enjoy a fulfilling life together. 

He enjoys rising the puppies, helping in the training, promoting the Golden Retriever breed, and cleaning up the yard! (in that order). Jenny, Hannah and the Goldens inspire Dan to be the best family man and dog-lover he can be. They also encourage him in his local work as a small business and community chaplain.

Hannah Root, Co-owner & Puppy Lover

Hannah is an amazingly talented girl with a passion for animals. Her delight is to hug and hold the pups, giving them the socialization all pups need. She trains older pups to sit and stay, even before they go home, teaches agility and even cleans up messes now and then!

After 10 years Hannah is all grown up!

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