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We always accept a puppy being returned without cause or refund. If an owner for any reason cannot keep the puppy or full grown dog we accept their return at no charge and for no refund.

We guarantee the health of all of our pups for one year, providing the following steps have been taken:

1. The original owner of the puppy must retain 90/10 health insurance for each of our puppies, including surgeries. The owner must contact us immediately if there is a major health concern arising from an inherent condition. We will replace your puppy with a new puppy from the next litter or pay for half of your out-of-pocket expenses for a major medical treatment or surgical procedure.

This guarantee does not cover injuries from accidents, food poisoning, or owner negligence.

Owners must not over-exercise their puppy; joints are still growing and cannot handle excessive exercise. Conventional Rule: Walk or run your puppy no more than 5 minutes for each additional month of life after 8 weeks of age. Example: a 5 month old puppy should not walk/run more than 25 minutes per day.

Owners must not over-vaccinate their puppy. Information regarding vaccinations is available on our website and by request. You will receive a copy of the vaccination records and deworming treatments when you pick up your puppy to go home.

2. All pups must have an initial vet exam within 72 hours of purchase to ensure the good health of the puppy.

3. Our vet will discuss the puppy's condition with the owner's vet. If necessary, the puppy will be placed under the care of our vet.

4. If a terminal or permanent disability condition is diagnosed, the puppy will be relinquished to our care and another puppy may be selected from the next available litter. There will not be a cash refund.

5. Owners must continue the recommended vaccine schedule and Titer testing. Proof of this must be provided for any puppy to be eligible for exchange. We always accept a puppy being returned without cause or explanation and for no refund.

5. To prevent contracting the fatal Parvovirus we insist that no pup be taken to a dog park or place where other dogs have been present until 12 weeks of age. However, socializing with safe animals and other pets is encouraged from 8-12 weeks since the puppies leaving True2gold have all the necessary antibodies to fight the four most common puppy illnesses starting at 8 weeks. This assumes that all Parvo, distemper, hepatitis, and parainfluenza shots have been completed. When visiting with other dog owners, please ask them to sanitize their hands before petting your pup. Prevention is free, treatment is not. We do not like dog parks where there are too many dogs that can intimidate a young pup.

6. We cannot insist that you feed your pup the way we do, but we recommend to the highest degree to give your pup an organic, human-grade feed to prevent cancer. We often feed white chicken meat and meat juice with Taste of the Wild Salmon flavored Puppy formula kibble. Taste of the Wild is available at many ranch and country Feed Stores. Taste of the Wild is about $50.00 for 28 lbs, but the food is potently packed with high protein so you won't need to feed your puppy as much as with other regular dog food.

7. If an owner chooses not to keep a healthy dog for a good reason, it must be returned to the breeder, True2Gold and we will offer a partial refund after the puppy is placed in a new home.

Please use to choose a 4 or 5-star feed. This will result in less poop, less smell, no bad breath, white teeth, a healthy coat, strong organs, and a longer living dog. Nearly all cancer can be avoided with this diet, an 18+ months delay in spaying and proper exercise with a loving and safe family environment.



Puppies are released to their new homes with current shots, deworming and optionally micro-chipped for their protection. They can be enrolled in the AKC Reunite program for recovery if lost. Owner information can be provided to the AKC upon sale.

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