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True and Treasure

We are an active family with Service Dogs. People stop us all the time to meet our dogs and play with them. It is not an inconvenience, it is a blessing to be able to provide a rich, rewarding experience for others.

Our dogs are quiet, obedient, friendly and well mannered. It intrigues people to watch them glide along like shadows with their owners. We go into stores, offices, hospitals and on air flights. In every setting our dogs will behave well, lie down quietly and obey our instructions. This is a combination of good breeding, good training and consistent behavior monitoring, until the dog is dependable in every setting; but it all starts with good breeding. 

True in the drivers seat

My first Service Dog, True, saved my life three times from seizures. She would wake me as I quietly chocked to death! When I came to and couldn't breathe, I awoke my husband who gave me CPR and restored my ability to breathe. If True had not instinctively known that I was in trouble I would not be launching this web site today.

True has been too much of a blessing to not share her qualities with others. It would be a tragedy to not offer this same blessing to people with disabilities who could be helped greatly with a Service Dog, or to people who would have a richer life with a loving companion.

When I cried in pain, True whined. When I sat down unable to keep on going, True was right by my side. When I needed a hand to get up, True offered my her harness and pulled me up. If I groaned...well, she learned to groan too! She never took her eyes off me, always insisting on being by my side. My protector and constant companion.

We named our business after True, who has left a legacy of faithfulness and loyalty with us forever.​ 

Past Litter

It is not hard to own a Service Dog. It appears to be complicated, but it is not. It appears to be expensive, but it does not have to be. This is not a secret that should be kept away from others.

Some people charge up to $15,000 for a Service Dog. It is not right to make money from other people's misfortune and capitalize on their disability. Many trainers will overcharge for a service dog and sell them only to the wealthy. Owning a service dog is not a luxury for the lucky few who have been able to hold on to money in difficult times.  

Past Litter Girls

This is a life-changing opportunity to make your every day life a day you love to live! Whatever the disability, it is easier when shared with a sympathetic loved one who understands. These dogs do understand.

True passed away with cancer as a young 8 year old. Since then I have dedicated my time to raising a line of dogs that will live a long life and be free of the genetic defect of much as I am humanly able to prevent it.

The attribute that I love the most in dogs is that they always forgive us for our mistakes in life. They are faithfully true, no matter what is going on with us. It's hard to find a human friend like that. I want to help other people find this joy in life. 


Mission Statement:

"To breed healthy, long

living Golden

Retrievers, matching

them with human

partners who will give

them the confidence of

excellent training and


This is True 2


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