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Other Services

Dog Sitting and Temporary Care

Are you ever in need of a qualified dog-sitter? Sometimes its hard to trust others to help watch your pet while you are out of town. If you need a place to leave your puppy or dog, knowing that your animal will be kept safe and be well cared for, True2gold offers temporary care and long term pet-sitting services for our TRUE2GOLD families. Dogs should be current on all vaccinations or appropriate titer blood tests. 

Reasonable hourly and day rates are available. 

Call us at 209-814-6804 for a quote.

Dog Training

 We offer referrals to substantial dog training that can make a big difference in daily lifestyle. Your companion needs positive reinforcement for good behavior and if necessary, proper training to change bad habits before they are a bigger problem. 

True2gold provides limited training services for both owners and their dogs on an appointment basis. Guidance and help on the phone can be arranged in addition to training sessions in person as needed.

Dogs depend on you as an owner to teach them how to behave in a human world. They are not intentionally trying to be bad. If they don't know the correct behavior it is because they have not been taught properly. Every dog learns at a different pace.

Remember, dogs are wild animals! We are expecting them to live in our homes with carpeting and furniture we care about. If they make a mess it is usually our fault for leaving them unattended. If they are tugging on a leash it is because we have not trained them to heel. Whatever their issue is, we can modify the behavior with good training of the OWNER!

Dog Search and Placement

Some people do not feel qualified to locate a good dog for their family or specific needs. We can help.

It can be challenging to know the right questions to ask a breeder and finding a reputable breeder is not easy. We know many good breeders who may not advertise since their pups are pre-sold litters.

Please call if you would like some help. This is a decisions that will last more than a decade and you need to be prepared for what lies ahead. We would like to help you and your new pup have a wonderful experience for life.

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