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Past litters..

Why are our puppies $4200 - $4500? 

They are the result of cancer-free breeding and receive family hand-care and pre-service dog training along with the excellent longevity potential because of their ancestry history and the 100% organic diet they receive. Their exceptional diet coupled with irrefutable ancestry and delayed spaying (18 months) will protect them from what 70% of Golden Retrievers die from prematurely - cancer!

Dogs for Loving Life!




Dogs for Loving Life!

Our red dogs always inherit their great-grandfather's great hunting nose and instincts. They have a terrific sense of smell and follow every trail. They are the first ones to escape the pens. They are the first ones to find a relationship with their people and they are truly bonded to their owners.

Dogs for Loving Life!

DARLING EMMY, a lover of all loves. She is an amazingly smart little girl and demands her cuddles. She will be content to sit for hours getting scratched and played with.

Dogs for Loving Life!


Our large blonde males are always named Ninja! They are the first to the food and maintain their huge body shape until they reach over 80lbs!

Ninja Fierce is very cuddly and likely to take over your couch. Ninja's are never lazy - at least they won't admit it, and they are ready for their walks every minute of the day, when they are not sleeping sprawled out across your bed!


Sunny is another big boy, not quite as big as brother Ninja, but still quite a chunk! He will be about 80-85lbs of love and cuddles. Just like all the other siblings, Sunny is a lover. Usually, the first to come and get his scratch, ignoring the dinner dishes for his love and attention. Sunny will enjoy his walks and runs. He will ask you to take him to a park every day, so his family needs to be athletically inclined, love hiking and jogging with him.


Tiger is not as big as his beefy brothers, but he will still weigh in around 75-80lbs. He is a delightful light blonde and maybe closer to an English Cream in color. Families that like to have a stunning dog will enjoy Tiger. He makes YOU look good. People always stop and stare at our lighter dogs, they are head turners. And of course, they know they deserve all the love and attention you can muster. They are awesome greeters. Your guests will fall in love with Tiger, just as you will!

IMG 5481 Dogs for Loving Life!

IMG 5455 (1) Dogs for Loving Life!

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