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We specialize in longevity!


In the past decade we have bred over 275 puppies! ... and they stay healthy!  


 We are committed to staying in touch with all of our families to ensure the lifetime health of our pups. We want to know how our dogs are doing.

If your puppy or adult dog visits the vet for any reason other than regular health procedures, we ask that you forward the vet records to us. We are thrilled to say there have been very few serious medical conditions that have affected any of our puppies. There has never been a puppy that contracted any of the 4 puppy illnesses for which they get vaccinated. In our 11 years of breeding, the Goldens born from True2Gold litters have suffered less than a .075% cancer mortality rate.. This is an exceptionally uncommon health track record for Golden Retriever breeders. Most breeders won't be able (or want) to tell you how many puppies from their litters have died from cancer after maturing into adulthood.

Continue to read our story to learn why we are so successful in breeding healthy puppies.

True 2 Gold Puppy Days

Three litters of adorable Golden Retriever puppies displayed in a wonderful array of photos.

We are currently accepting reservations for four (4) litters of beautiful purebred AKC Golden Retriever puppies expected in October and November this year (2023). Contact us today to conduct an adoption intake interview and see if your home environment is a good match for one of the True2gold puppies. Once approved, your name and phone number will be placed on a dated list of those who can choose their puppy in the 5th week of life based on what date their reservation deposit was received.

True2Gold pups come from a genetically cancer-free lineage with great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives living up to 16 years old and beyond. 

We use ORGANIC feeds and HOLISTIC vaccines,

giving your pup the best chance of a healthy, CANCER-FREE life.

With more than 275 puppies born from Treasure's line (including her 3 daughters), we are fortunate to have had amazing health and longevity success from all of her litters! 


Now that Treasure is happily enjoying retirement, three of her daughters and two of her granddaughters are carrying on Treasure's famous health and companionship legacy; 


Treasure's Jubilee, Treasure's Emmy, and Treasure's Gabby 

See their pictures under the tab Sires and Dams.

or click here.

In this section:

  • Dogs for Loving Life!
  • My Background
  • Our Mission

This was True at 3 months.

We believe that every animal owner should be thrilled with their well-mannered, loving companion, every moment of the day.

We believe that every pet has the ability to behave appropriately, they just need love, patience, and consistent training.

We believe that there are no bad dogs, just badly trained dogs.

Dogs - for Loving Life!

Without manners, it is impossible for an animal to please its master, and without personal discipline, it is impossible for a master to modify the behavior of their animal.


The Human Element of Raising a Pet:


  • Personal Discipline
  • Patience and Self Control
  • Being Prepared/Trained/Educated


The Pet:

Needs the human for every step of guidance or they will resort to their natural instinctive behavior.

Remember this, never forget this...



When you buy a puppy, you are inviting a member of the animal kingdom to live in your domain.



Your habitats include carpets and cars, children and friends, and all things that are not common in animal habitats.

For thousands of years, animals have adapted to their unique environment - over time. In our society, we often insist on pets immediately adapt to living inside a home - with carpet and hardwood floors, with many tempting treasures to play with and chew!

We insist on animals living in human habitat, and then expect them to do it without giving them enough time to adapt. Frustrated families with puppies rarely give them enough training or knowledgeable training. We expect them to behave as humans do, NOT to behave like an animal with instincts!



Dogs are simply fulfilling their natural-born instincts to chew, dig, eliminate waste, make all kinds of noises and smell our personal private parts!



We must not be upset with dogs for their natural instincts - that would be cruel!

For example:

  • To hit a young puppy for chewing up a couch when he has been left unattended for hours in the living room is OUR human error, not his.
  • To yell at a pup for urinating on the floor when we have not spent the proper time training him or provided a bathroom break at the correct time, would be OUR human error, not his.
  • To harshly discipline a dog for barking is unfair. they may be trained to not be vocal, but barking is their natural communication. We want our pups to bond with us...but then we are upset when they bark because they missed us! They are simply communicating their joy at seeing us again.


By demanding that our young pups live with us in our home without training or boundaries, we are allowing them to do all the things they naturally do - we must not punish them for doing it!



Unintentionally, we even train them to do the opposite of what we want, by not understanding how to communicate with them.


We must learn their language before we can teach them ours. Dogs have a very defined and ordered pack language. A lead dog, called an Alpha, will control the pack.

If your dog is always in front of you going through a door or pulling ahead on the leash, he is definitely thinking that HE is the Alpha! If you do not lead, he will!


This is just one example. 

We cannot expect an animal to simply pick up human requests without proper training! Please understand that human error is the problem. Almost every pup is trainable unless it has a genetic defect. They can all successfully learn to cohabit with humans providing we do our part and don't expect a "miraculous morphing" from animal to a human on the part of the dog!

Remember, a human child would pee all over the floor if we did not teach them how to use the potty!

Once again, we must learn a dog's language before we can teach them ours. There are many books, websites and other resources that can help owners understand how dogs communicate in packs. Once we understand dog's natural behavior, so many things they do make more sense. Also, we can be much more effective in developing training methods that they can relate to.

You must be patient, you must be prepared, you must train yourself - and you must be willing to do it right away with consistency,

....or please do not buy a puppy!


All of our puppies have an opportunity to stay with us longer for basic training. We make arrangements for you to visit and we will show you how to train your pup yourself. We offer education for our families with our pups. We want to know that you are completely prepared to train your dog properly so that both of you are happy.

There are some wonderful rescue organizations who offer older, trained dogs for adoption. Once you have carefully selected the breed you can apply to adopt an older dog...and don't worry, an older dog will bond with you just as quickly as a puppy will. In fact, some are even more grateful to have a new owner, depending on their past.

Please, for your own sanity and your pet's safety,

be prepared!

For more on this and other excellent training skills, please refer to: Useful Information and the Links Page and look for the Dog Training Secret website link. They offer very good Dog Training Videos for home training. ( just $65.00 ).

Companion and Service Dogs

- for Loving Life!

We believe in Love at First Sight!

...simply because we have seen people fall in love with our dogs over and over again upon their first meeting!

Most people know what they want and need in a dog, and when they see it - nothing else will do!

This is why there are some who will wait for over a year to get a puppy from us. Once they meet our Sire and Dam, (the parents), and examine the lineage, their forever friend is worth waiting for.

My Background

I have been an avid animal owner and trainer since early childhood. I was often found teaching my cat to do tricks while my friends were watching TV. There were times when I couldn't be found at all since I had ridden my bike to visit the horses in the neighboring fields! I learned to ride and train horses at a young age.



Just as soon as I was able, my husband and I bought a ranch and became proud owners of many horses over the years. Our animals were well-loved and we had many of them.



As a young married woman with small children, I could not purchase good horses on my tight budget. I found owners and trainers of racehorses on the big city racetrack and bought horses that were "useless" as a winning racehorse. At 2,3 and 4 yrs old these fine Thoroughbreds were beautiful, well-bred young horses, raised on the finest feed and with excellent care. For the owners, they were costly "losers". I bought each one for under $600.

Naturally, these thoroughbreds were trained to run fast - and run faster when the reins were pulled! I would have to re-train these horses into safe, manageable mounts.



After the horse and I had agreed that stopping was ok and that we didn't have to pass every horse in the pack, we worked on learning other skills in the dressage, jumping and cross country disciplines. After many months of exciting experiences, and only when they were safe, I could offer them for sale.



I then sold the horses to entry-level competition, men and women who were tall! They went on to have some wonderful careers. I became well known among the local vets as someone who could understand the needs of a horse and correct behavior. I was greatly encouraged when a vet approached me to train her own horse.



As time went on I purchased some wonderful horses for my family. We owned Arabs, Quarter Horses, a Mustang and my favorite, Tennessee Walkers. All of these horses underwent further training on our ranches and I became ever eager to learn how to train and correct behavior without the use of man-made tools; whips, harsh bits, and restraining devices. I learned from the best in the business, older men and women who had trained hundreds of horses with a gentle hand.



With this background, I took my knowledge of animal behavior and trained our first two Golden Retriever Service Dogs. Physically I am unable to ride or maintain horses any more. I took all the training I had used for the horses and focused on my dogs.

Thanks for your interest, Jenny Root, Golden Retriever Breeder at True2gold

Our Mission

 "To breed healthy, long-living Golden Retrievers, matching them with human partners who will give them the best of life with informed health care, responsible training and a lot of love."

This is True 2 Gold!

We're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. (209) 814-6804.

We hope to see you again! 

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