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The Sire and Dam

Dogs for Loving Life!
Dogs for Loving Life!

Service Dogs

Perfect companions...

Dogs for Loving Life!

Treasure welcomes our friends!

Treasure comes from a line of highly intelligent hunting dogs on her fathers side. She and her 60+ puppies have a perfect health record. She is also from a cancer free line. She has a precise and busy nose, following every scent to the end! She is always looking for something to do and focuses on her training with enthusiasm. In fact, she is the first to learn each behavior.  She carries her mother's light golden genes and her dad's deep copper gold. Treasure's mother joined in the hunts when she was younger, but is now retired from hunting and breeding. Treasure was the last female born to the lovely Lily.

"Hey, why d'ya take my ball?"

Dogs for Loving Life!

Dogs for Loving Life!

Toddler falls asleep with one of our sires working as a Service Dog at the library!

Simba is a perfect mate for our female. He is a purebred English Golden Blonde Retriever from Europe and has all his health checks as recommended by AKC. He balances our female, Treasure, perfectly. Simba has the confirmation, size, and build of a show dog with a joyful, investigative and loving temperament. His background consists of healthy long-living family members. He is a playful family friend and companion to all who approach him. 

Simba posing in his grand showmanship posture.

Dogs for Loving Life!

24 inches
23 inches
55 lbs
60 lbs
 Light Golden
 Light Golden

Our dogs have a wonderfully balanced conformation according to breed standards. The American Kennel Club, AKC, lists standards for breeds so they may be judged for their quality. You can view these standards on the AKC website.

The sizes of Golden Retrievers vary. We enjoy the medium build since they are very portable and do not overwhelm other people. Although, the larger 90 -120 lb Goldens are very impressive and have a "WOW" factor, they also have an inconvenience factor when travelling. They can also simply be scary to individuals not used to dogs and not usually as functional as Service Dogs for these reasons.

Our medium sized Goldens usually grow in sizes ranging from 55 to 75 pounds and are suitable for apartment and condo life as long as they get their exercise each day.  We travel extensively in an RV with two of our Goldens and do not feel crowded at all because of their size and calm temperament.

Rubio is our newest Sire now ready to serve  the species with wonderfui golden and red colors. Breeders are invited to contact as for a talk about planning for new puppies with their breeding females.

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