OUR CURRENT LITTER September 28, 2019

September 28, 2019

Treasure’s son, Ready, is the sire of our most recent litter shared by another reputable breeder’s female, Sasha. Both dogs are AKC certified and have produced 8 amazing pups which all have been spoken for except for one female.

Call 209-814-6804 to discuss your family qualifications and to make a reservation for this last available puppy!

Why are our puppies $3000 – $3500? They are the result of cancer-free breeding and receive family hand-care and pre-service dog training along with the excellent longevity potential because of their ancestry history and the 100% organic diet they receive. Their exceptional diet coupled with irrefutable ancestry and delayed spaying (18 months) will protect them from what 70% of Golden Retrievers die from prematurely – cancer!



Our red dogs always inherit their great-grandfather’s great hunting nose and instincts. They have a terrific sense of smell and follow every trail. They are the first ones to escape the pens. They are the first ones to find a relationship with their people and they are truly bonded to their owners.

DARLING EMMY, a lover of all loves. She is an amazingly smart little girl and demands her cuddles. She will be content to sit for hours getting scratched and played with.



Our large blonde males are always named Ninja! They are the first to the food and maintain their huge body shape until they reach over 80lbs!

Ninja Fierce is very cuddly and likely to take over your couch. Ninja’s are never lazy – at least they won’t admit it, and they are ready for their walks every minute of the day when they are not sleeping sprawled out across your bed!