New homes for our pups

I am very please with the quality of homes that our dear pups will go to. It is amazing how each puppy has the perfect family. I always wonder how it happens, but we are always able to match the puppy’s qualities with the family members and their needs.
Our three big boys all look alike but they are different in subtle ways. Porker, the biggest and most playful is going home with a large family of two teens who are delighted to have a big dog after their dear male died. The parents are energetic. I was tickled to see their mom lying face down on the floor playing with puppy.
Digger is one who likes to tuck himself in a hole and sleep! He is playful but not as much as his brother. His family is a school teacher and an executive dad. While they are at work he will go to grandma’s house who already owns a retriever.
Our quiet boy, True Jr, now Digbe, gets to go to work with dad in I.T. Dad is a photographer on the side and has shot some great pictures for us. He also helps with preschoolers at times and Digbe will go and spend time with the little children. They will love him!
Pearl will be named Star, she is going to be the favorite friend of a little nine year old girl. She has a music room and plays the piano like an angel. Star will be a Rock Star pretty soon I’m sure! Mom is really into organic food so we see eye to eye on diet and nutrition.
That leaves our hunters! Two energetic,lively intelligent girls who need someone with a full time job in search and rescue…or something like that! They will not be happy ever being left alone and they will get bored if they have to be still for a while. Unlike the others, they want to play all the time!
If you know anyone who would like a lively intelligent partner, please let us know!
Owners, give us your feedback and stories right here on the blog!

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