Our pups are the very best, of course…spoken like a proud mother! I am amazed at how the quality of a pup shows up from the very first day. The healthy weights and bounding bodies prove that life is going to be good.

When we first picked up the pups we wrapped them in a warm towel and snuggled. It’s important that newborns maintain a constant, warm body temperature. That’s what they get from their mommy’s furry tummy and sleeping with their littler mates. They began to squeak like mice after a couple of days. Now, just three weeks later, there are a couple of little barks and even a healthy growl or two!

The colors are lighter than I expected, but Treasure’s Dam is very light. Her Sire is a gorgeous dark copper. Trues’ parents are both medium gold. I guess the light gene is dominant in Treasure. This is her first litter so we are eager to see what other qualities the pups will have.

Treasure has been a great mom. I think I was a bit more nervous than I needed to be and I helped her a little too much! When I heard a puppy yipping I went to check out the litter. If I found the “yipper” away from mom I moved the pup, this  gave Treasure the impression I would do this every time! What a spoiled young mom she is. That’s just how it is around here…If you are a qualified buyer in need of a simply marvellous Golden Retriever companion for the next season of life, please, come and visit. We’d love to show you our “Golden Treasures”.

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